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Firestop Design Principles

Firestop Design Principles

Good firestop design principles should include the following ideas:


•  All openings should be provided with a firestop that maintains the required integrity (fire rating) and/or insulation (t) of the fire wall or floor.

•  Insulation (temperature ratings) should be provided when combustible materials are located close to the wall of floor surface.

•  Firestops should be suitable for their intended use (fire & non-fire situations).

•  Firestops should not affect the normal operation of building services/joint design.

•  Selected firestops should be tested or assessed to the relevant fire safety or building code.

A firestop is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall and/or floor assemblies.

Firestops are designed to restore the fire-resistance ratings of wall and/or floor assemblies by impeding the spread of fire by filling the openings with fire-resistant materials. Unprotected openings in fire separations cancel out the fire-resistance ratings of the fire separations, allowing the spread of fire, usually past the limits of the fire safety plan of a building.


  1. Prevent the passage of fire
  2. —Provide an effective smoke and toxic gas barrier
  3. —Water resistance seal
  4. —Retards transmission of heat
  5. —Lower insurance costs
  6. —Peace of mind


Questions about Firestop products or there intended use?

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