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Close fire rated penetrations / openings

Close fire rated penetrations / openings

Close fire rated penetrations and openings!

Why do we close off penetrations, joints, and openings in fire rated walls and floors?  One major reason is containment.

What is Containment?

  • To confine a fire to the zone of origin, for a specified time, thereby preventing fire spread and leaving more time for safe evacuation of the building occupants. Specifically engineered containment systems are used as enclosures in instances where specific identifiable hazards within a building need to be independently isolated from the remainder of the building. Fire-resistive enclosures used for containment are subjected to fire exposure conditions specified in various related test Standards.

Here are some good design principles to think about when looking for firestop materials to provide containment.

•All openings should be provided with a fire-stop that maintains the required integrity (fire rating) and/or insulation (t) of the fire wall or floor
• Insulation (temperature ratings) should be provided when combustible materials are located close to the wall of floor surface
• Fire-stops should be suitable for their intended use (fire & non-fire situations)
• Fire-stops should not affect the normal operation of building services/joint design
• Selected fire-stops should be tested or assessed to the relevant fire safety or building code

 Close off fire rated penetrations and openings with:

Caulks and Sealants



Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps

Pass Through or Cable Transit Devices


Composite Sheets

Abesco Fire likes to promote a balanced approach to educating about Life Safety.



  1. Prevent the passage of fire
  2. —Provide an effective smoke and toxic gas barrier
  3. —Can give a water resistance seal
  4. —Retard transmission of heat
  5. —Lower insurance costs
  6. —Give peace of mind

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