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Foam Only 2 Hour UL Systems

Foam Only 2 Hour UL Systems

Looking for foam only UL systems?

Abesco Fire has them in Drywall or Concrete for 2 hours with Cables, Conduit, and Flexible Conduit!

FP200 FR Expanding Foam

System No. W-L-3398

System No. W-J-3202

System No. W-L-1482

System No. W-J-1233

The FP 200 FR Expanding Foam has been tested to ASTM E-814 including a full hose stream impact for 1 & 2 hour F ratings. Most competitive products only test to a modified ASTM E-814 with no hose stream exposure. In addition, the product meets all the requirements for Type V residential ratings.

ASTM E814 / UL 1479 (1 & 2 Hr)

ASTM E-84 (Flame 10, Smoke 35)

The product is designed to replace messy caulks and non-rated or modified foam products as a fire stopping medium.

Our FP200 can even be used as a backer material when using other fire rated caulks. It also surpasses other fire block materials based on the full range of complete ASTM E-814 testing. The product may also be trimmed after curing and either painted or stained to a desired color.


Products are not fire rated, products assembled properly according to a tested UL system are.  All of the components add up if done correctly to a rated assembly.  If you are looking for a Fire Rated product then you should be talking about a Firestop with tested UL systems.  See for details.

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