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Firestop Pipe Collars Plastic Pipe

Firestop Pipe Collars Plastic Pipe

Firestop Pipe Collars are designed to close off plastic pipe penetrations in a hurry.

Did you know?

Most plastic pipes start to soften then melt away at fairly low temperatures in a fire scenario, approximately 200° to 250° F (93° to 120° C)!

Once the pipes catch on fire (approximately 350° F [180° C]) they are essentially gone and expose holes for fire egress through walls and floors.  Firestop pipe collars are designed to expand as the pipe melts away! Abesco’s intumescent material expands and closes the hole left by the now gone plastic pipe with an effective insulating barrier, thereby maintaining the integrity of the wall or floor and preventing the spread of fire from one compartment to another. This insulating barrier not only provides an effective thermal fire barrier, but also creates a barrier to pressure associated with fires.

Our material has over 28% expansion!

Abesco Fire Z240 Pipe Collars consist of a zinc coated (stainless steel & red powder coated are available) factory formed steel shell, which contains heat reactive Intumescent material. When exposed to temperatures of just under 300ºF(149oC) the graphite based Intumescent material begins to expand (intumesce) rapidly to form a solid insulating char plug which effectively closes and seals openings where plastic pipes penetrate thru fire-rated walls and floors. Pipes include PVC, ccPVC, ABS*, ccABS, PP, FRPP, PVDF. They are supplied in 2 halves, and are held closed around the pipe by a unique and easy to use closure device.

Z240 Pipe Collars are available and tested in sizes to suit 2”(50mm), 3”(76mm), 4”(100mm) and 6”(152mm) plastic pipes.

 Abesco Firestop Pipe Collars :

  • Easy installation, saves labor cost
  • Intumescent material unaffected by moisture
  • No cutting of wrap strips
  • UL Classified, complies with Building Codes
  • Walls or Floors

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Manufactured to strict product specifications the collars are uniformly produced to assure consistent quality. Because of this, they are easier and quicker to install, than conventional mineral wool and caulk systems, just place around the pipe, anchor and that’s it.

They are supplied in 2 halves, and are held closed around the pipe by a unique and easy to use closure device.


Did you know

Abesco Z240 Pipe Collars have been around for more than 25 years?


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