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CT120 Pass Through Cable Transit System

CT120 Pass Through Cable Transit System

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CT120 Pass Through Cable Transit System from Abesco Fire!


How the CT120 works

Cable Transits or Pass Through Devices (CT) are used to seal cables which penetrate through fire-rated concrete walls and floors, and are suitable for most common types of construction.

Individual CT120 Cable Transits can be ganged together to form duplex, triplex, or sixplex units using special CT Mounting Flanges(which are listed below).

CT systems are suitable for data, communications and electrical supply cables, and even pipes; CT120 Cable Transits offer flexibility, expandability, and reliability from 0-100% fill.

2 Inch CT120 Round

2″ Round CT120

Code Number: 31938

At 2” this round firestopping device is the perfect solution for original installs or retrofit. This device can be installed in walls or floors, 0-100% fill of cables. No need to count your percentage fill with our devices. Empty devices allow for future growth.

2.5 Inch CT120 Square

2.5″ Square CT120

Code Number: 31940

This small square device was developed for smaller applications where either a single application or ganged application is desirable. This device can hold up to 146 Cat 6e or similar cables. See installation options for available configurations.

4 Inch CT120 Round

4″ Round CT120

Code Number: 31950

Our 4” round device is made to maximize space and penetrations where a large single round device is needed. Holes can be cut with a standard hole saw or core saw. Simple design allows for easy install and simple running and re-running of cables, plastic pipes, metal pipes, small basket trays, or a combination.

4 Inch CT120 Square

4″ Square CT120

Code Number: 31942

This large square device allows for maximum penetration fill and can be installed either single or ganged to maximize space and penetrations. Our retro fit design will allow you to install this around almost any penetrant in either dry-wall or concrete, walls or floors. Our 4” devices can hold the highest amount in the industry!

CT120 Device Specifications

Code Description Size(mm) Size(In.) Shape #Per case
31938 CT120/R Cable Transit Device 50mm Dia. 2″ Round 6
31950 CT120/R Cable Transit Device 100mm Dia. 4″ Round 6
31940 CT120 Cable Transit Device 64x64mm 2.5″ Square 6
31942 CT120 Cable Transit Device 102x102mm 4″ Square 6
CT120 Installation Components
Flange Set

The Mounting Flange

The CT mounting Flange Sets offer a unique fixing device that requires no mechanical fixing to the wall or floor. Each set consists of two complete flanges which are friction fitted around the CT120 device/s on either end to keep the device locked in place. The flanges can be easily removed leaving no damage to the wall or floor.

CT Mounting Flange Sets

Code Description Size(mm) Size(In.) Shape #Per case
31968 CT/R Mounting Flange Set 50mm Dia. 2″ Round 1
31998 CT/R Mounting Flange Set 100mm Dia. 4″ Round 1
31972 CT Mounting Flange Set (Single) 64x64mm 2.5″x2.5″ Square 1
31974 CT Mounting Flange Set (Duplex) 64x130mm 2.5″x5″ Rectangle 1
31976 CT Mounting Flange Set (Triplex) 64x195mm 2.5″x7.5″ Rectangle 1
31978 CT Mounting Flange Set (Sixplex) 130x195mm 5″x7.5″ Rectangle 1
31982 CT Mounting Flange Set (Single) 102x102mm 4″x4″ Square 1
31984 CT Mounting Flange Set (Duplex) 102x204mm 4″x8″ Rectangle 1
31986 CT Mounting Flange Set (Triplex) 102x306mm 4″x12″ Rectangle 1
31988 CT Mounting Flange Set (Sixplex) 204x306mm 8″x12″ Rectangle 1
Mounting Bracket

The Stud Bracket

CT Stud Mounting Brackets allow a single square or round CT120 device to be fitted to a drywall stud prior to the board being applied. This allows for cable runs prior to the drylining process. The bracket is simply screwed onto the stud and friction fits the CT120 in place.

CT Stud Mounting Brackets

Code Description Size(mm) Size(In.) Shape #Per case
32170 CT/R Stud Mounting Bracket 50mm 2″ Round 24
32185 CT/R Stud Mounting Bracket 100mm 4″ Round 24
32175 CT Stud Mounting Bracket 64mm 2.5″ Square 24
32180 CT Stud Mounting Bracket 102mm 4″ Square 24
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