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Fire Rated Putty

Fire Rated Putty

Abesco Fire Rated Putty is an intumescent elastomer that remains flexible and can be easily hand molded to fit around cable bundles and other irregular shaped services. When correctly installed it provides a cold smoke and draft seal and up to 3 hours fire resistance.

Abesco Fire Rated Putty adheres to all commonly used building materials, and is supplied in easy to use sticks.

  • Halogen free formula
  • Free from corrosive gases during a fire
  • Minimal odor
  • Long shelf life – Putty will not dry out or crumble
  • Semi-permanent
  • Easily re-enterable
  • Adheres to all common building surfaces
  • Easy application
  • No special tools required
  • Non-toxic, contains no asbestos
Used to seal construction gaps, cable, insulated pipe, electrical conduit, and metal pipe, penetrations against air draft, smoke, noxious gas and flame propagation.

Tested in accordance with ASTM E814, UL147.

UL classified 1 and 2 hour rating.

Code Description Color Unit Case Pallet
30750 Fire Rated Putty Red – Brown 9 in. Stick 18 1800 units
Substrate Compatibility:

  • Cement
  • Gypsum
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal and Plastic electrical boxes

Physical Properties:

  • Color: Red-Brown
  • Volume: 13.85 cu. in.
  • Density: 10-12 lbs/gal (1,20-1,45 kg/l)
  • Length: 9 in.
  • Width: 1.4 in. diam.

The Fire Rated Putty shall be a one part, intumescent elastomer. Under normal environmental conditions, the material shall be noncorrosive to metal and compatible with synthetic cable jackets. When exposed to flame or heat it shall be capable of expanding and meet the requirements of UL 1479, ASTM E-814.

Abesco Fire Rated Putty is stable under normal conditions. Normal stock and stock rotation practices are recommended. This product is not impaired by freezing; however, it should be warmed to at least 32°F (0°C) before applying.

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